Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Anuta Fragment's Private Eyes" @ Shimmer 18

Yes! It is true. It is not a lie. You can now pre-order issue 18 of the famed and acclaimed Shimmer, which includes my store "Anuta Fragment's Private Eyes."

 This is totally awesome for any number of reasons: the peerless Ann Vandermeer guest-edited the issue (and pulled in my story - thanks Ann!); it's Shimmer, one of the best spec fic magazines currently running; and - last but not least - I consider "Anuta" to be the best story I've ever written. "Anuta" actually makes me feel sad when I read it, and I have never been able to create any feelings for myself with my writing except humour. But that is also sad, because I wrote the story three years ago and I don't know how to outdo it.

Alas! Go acquire your issue 18. It is an issue that will be spoken of for long ages to come!


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