Friday, July 12, 2013

Three shall be the number and the number shall be three

Now that the ink has dried (albeit just barely) on the contracts, I hereby announce:

  • "Anuta Fragment's Private Eyes" will appear in Shimmer 18 this autumn. I originally sold this story to Ann VanderMeer at Weird Tales before the Great Confusion that was that magazine's sale to another publisher. "Various circumstances" led to me retracting this story from Weird Tales and re-selling it to Shimmer for a special issue edited by none other than Ann VanderMeer. Cough cough.
  • "Star Severer" will appear in Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada Coast to Coast to Coast. This is really cool because they stock the Tesseracts anthology at the Ottawa Public Library, so I'll be able to hip thrust in the general direction of my friends, family and acquaintances and indicate they ought to scoot on down to their local branch to read "my latest piece" while I look in the other direction and sniff a glass of brandy. Peasants.
  • "Secretface" will appear in the This Mutant Life: Bad Company anthology published by Ben Langdon. This is awesome because I love this story so much and because it is my first "Australian" publication. Another country off my hit list (of love).

Also, since three divided by three is one:
  • My review of Mending the Moon by Susan Palwick is up at Strange Horizons. It's a really good book, though I'll issue a warning for you big spec fic'ers: despite being published by Tor, I didn't see anything fantastical or science fictional about it. Good thing I love contemporary realism.

There are also other things going on in my life but unfortunately they don't meet the mathematical requirements of this post. It's a trial, being a numeromancer like me...


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