Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Town of Shadows" Review @ Strange Horizons

My review of Lindsay Stern's book "Town of Shadows" is up at Strange Horizons.

Stern's book is surreal, and her style ranges from breathtakingly numinous to bizarrely horrifying. Her writing is nearly flawless, playing with a diversity of images, emotions, characters and situations in a poetic prose that neither spares the words it needs nor undertakes any it does not. The book is only 123 pages long, but it exhausted me: each vignette required digestion as I struggled against, or basked in, its conclusions.

Definitely a very, very interesting read, and worth reading again, which is something I think very few books are. I ended up comparing "Town of Shadows" to Thus Spoke Zarathustra, because, like, it's a pretty crazy deep book with a lot of possible interpretations.

Anyway, read the book, read the review, glory in Stern's haunting images. You will not be disappointed.


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