Saturday, February 16, 2013

The curiosity of web adverts

Since I started my MBA in French, I now get a lot of advertising, in French, about business things, like entrepreneurship opportunities, business books, etc. What's funny is I only have contact with my MBA group and professors via Gmail (from a forwarded University email address), and I see a lot of that French advertising on Facebook.

It's crazy. I use Mozilla with a bunch of extensions that block data trackers, but there's still the fact that Google is obviously selling my email data to Facebook and other media providers. It's such a small thing: compared to all the other traffic in my inbox, that French traffic is next to nothing. And yet, and yet: it's changed the language in which I am solicited.

Crazy! The future.

Is crazy!

(And since I study business now, I am less "afraid" of being advertised to...



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