Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One more resolution...

I realized there's one last thing I should add to my vision for 2013: read more short fiction. For some reason I've just never "gotten into" reading lots of short fiction, despite the fact I write tons of it and that, when I actually take the time to read short stories, I really enjoy them (the good ones anyway). Since I've managed to sell a bunch of stories - even a handful at pro rates - without having the most sophisticated understanding of short story form or (possibly more importantly) a good sense of the markets to which I submit my fiction, I'm hypothesizing that I could become a much better writer of short stories by spending some time reading short stories.

Now, this doesn't bear up on the fact that I've had no success at writing novels despite reading novels all the time, but... I can add a resolution to ignore empirical observations, if necessary.

So, yeah, I was planning to read at least one magazine a month in 2013. This would let me hit all the major speculative fiction markets this year. But... I read Clarkesworld's January issue in 45 minutes yesterday. So, like, I can probably read a lot more than that, even between everything else I do. And that's a good thing, because there are lots of cool speculative fiction magazines and out there, and I'd like to get into some of the Canadian literary mags (Broken Pencil, Malahat Review, Antigonish Review, etc.) as well.

My intentions for all this are of course crass and selfish, as I expect to get a better sense of story-craft, as well as develop a better sense of what people are writing, which should help keep me fresh, creative, innovative, and critical, and... sell more stories.

Okay well there you have it, resolutions baby alright.


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