Friday, January 11, 2013

Kill the bots, slay the bots, destroy the bots

I was looking at the number of hits I've been getting on my blog, and I was all like, "Wow, these are some good numbers! Where are all these people coming from? Let's check the referring websites."


Well, okay, not all of the referring sites are porn. Some are, like, Russian environmentalist websites. I don't get it: I don't know if the bots are based in those domains, or just mirroring through them. And why are they directing from there to my obscure, pitiful blog? Anyway, bots are scumbags.

Really, though, this should be motivation to re-apply Google Analytics. I'm using the Blogger internal analytics tool at the moment, and it's considerably less powerful. I'm pretty sure I could filter out those websites and discount the bots if I used Analytics...

Alas: laziness! Lassitude. Sloth. Maybe next year.


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