Sunday, December 30, 2012

That's quite enough hiatus

As much as I hate blog posts about how a blogger isn't writing enough blog posts, this is more or less one of those blog posts.

I haven't been writing much of anything since starting my MBA in August. I'm working on the MBA part-time (evenings and weekends), in French, at the University of Ottawa, and it basically couldn't be more convenient. However, the time left over after work, class, and group sessions has of late been devoted to marathon training, family, and rampaging sessions of MechWarrior Online. I've managed to write one story and keep up a few submissions (most recently selling a story to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly), but in general my output has been nonexistent.

No longer. Two more-or-less recent events made me realize I need to get back into the swing of writing. The first was a Facebook conversation with David Barron, who confided to me his intention to write a story a week in 2013. Even though David is insanely productive in general, I was thoroughly impressed, and the fact that David is also doing an MBA made self-deprecating analogies impossible to avoid. Second, spending the holidays in New Jersey with my girlfriend's family, I was witness to the leaps of joy Elizabeth's sister exhibited upon learning she'd been hired for her dream job. I don't consider writing a job, but it's a bit of a dream, and I realized that a not insignificant bit of joy had seeped out of my life along with those haggard key-smashing sessions and groan-inducing editing nights.

Although I won't be any less busy this upcoming semester, I know I always have my mornings to write; and even without setting any goals, I don't see why I can't write a story every week or two. The main other commitment, I think, is to get back into doing critiques for other writers, so that I can get the same treatment for my own stories. I think that will be a considerably greater time investment, but one that, at this point in my writing development, is absolutely necessary. Besides, I suspect the payoff in ego-boosting will be worth it: although coring enemy 'mechs is incredibly satisfying, it's not quite the same as writing sweet stories.