Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Sons of Atom" @ The Glass Parachute (anthology)

Whoa now, Ben Godby: don't report your news in too timely a fashion.

This came out weeks ago, but I've been occupied with other affairs and haven't been on the blog. Well, now I am. "The Glass Parachute" is an anthology put together by Matt Edginton, and represents the first time I get to share a table of contents with a good ol' (writing) boy: Alex J. Kane.

Quite frankly, Matt did an amazing job with this work. He illustrated every story and made a beautiful cover. Peep the illustration and a sample from my story, "Sons of Atom," below, and then go buy a copy to read the rest!

The night Tommy and I were patched in, the gang threw a party at the Deerskin & Bile. I think everyone in town must’ve been there. We drank radium beers with evaporation pond workers and did plutonium shots off the waitresses—we’d gone to high school with all of them. Weylan, the deputy from the local PRNA chapter, came down and sat with us smoking cinnamon sticks, and you could tell Kel—that’s our boss—was really happy about that. There were two guys playing theramins on stage that Rico had found in the next town over.

Yeah, it was a blast. 

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