Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"The Princess and the Shadowspawn" @ The World SF Blog

This is a real thing that has been published.
A shitty afternoon like all the rest, a rider--lone--emerges. He sits astride a thundercycle: big wheels, big boots, black shining leather ideals. His hair is loose and flies free in a windsphere, a paraphysical channel he has conjured up, a force he summons with his demon speed.

But otherwise, the air is dead round Big Kruarnoth.

The rider’s name is Scorn Defeat. His heart is hard, but wasn’t always: his mother and his father placed a spark, a flame, inside his infant chest, and now--like an oyster--a stone hides in the folds of living flesh. He grips the handlebars with molten knuckles and chivvies the accelerometer in his brain, for he’s brought only one bit of wisdom with him: that you must go very quickly to get nowhere, if from all worlds and landscapes you seek escape.

The thundercycle spits and screams, while the banks of Big Kruarnoth quake and shudder, and call his name.
 Yep. Go read it and all that.


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