Monday, July 23, 2012

Relinking links to the links of the past

I just relinked to my story, "In the Deep Deep Sea There Is An Even Deeper Susurrus," which had been broken ever since Brain Harvest, where it was published, parked its domain several months back. The fact that this link was broken was one of those horrible niggling brain-spiders that refuse to release my cerebellum and daily increase my stress-load. So, I'm glad I thought to use Wayback Machine (an Internet archiver that scrapes the drudge of the World Wide Web and stores it, permanently, on... the web) to link it back up. Now all my greatest fans can read it forever!

Unfortunately, Brain Harvest wasn't scraped in time to save my other Brain Harvest story, "The Cretins." Oh, well. It was wild and unkempt and had loose morals. It deserves to perish into the aether of non-being that is pics-or-it-didn't-happen.


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