Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Everybody has life insurance

lul wut

Elizabeth and I like to watch true-crime shows on TV: 20/20, Snapped, Murder She Solved. Suffice to say that the Oprah Winfrey Network, of all places, is absolutely awash with them. So, yes, lots and lots of juicy murder.

And here's the thing: don't ever let your spouse who has life insurance die in even modestly suspect circumstances. If you are to be the beneficiary of life insurance, don't get in a boat with them, don't let them be immolated in a house fire, don't let them walk on ice or whatever. Because you will be convicted.

Now, of course, I'm being fascetious, but still. It's absolutely ridiculous. Every single case, people are making hullabaloo about the insurance. BUT EVERYBODY HAS LIFE INSURANCE. Not everybody, mind you. I don't. But I think that just about any middle-class person with children has life insurance. And as soon as they die, their wife/husband better watch out, because obviously their death benefited them. Of course.

I for one am never going to give Elizabeth reason for any foul play. My life will be assured by my lack of insurance. GET IT?

Today's blog post brought to you by a lack of other ideas as well as some small concern for the well-being of the life-insured.


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