Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"While You Sleep We Destroy Your Planet" @ decomP magazinE

My flash piece "While You Sleep We Destroy Your Planet" is now live at decomP.

"You have a plethora of clever explanations—an exorbitant array of affections for the effects you suppose to observe. You have devised a society of oracles, wisefolk and diviners that exist in a constant state of prediction among the labyrinth of self-obfuscated threads that pervade your state of Never Arriving (that keep you from ever knowing). And since your imaginary visionscapes never broker directly with reality, but rather set up embassies with its bagmen, suffer its kidnappers and hunt its insurrections among the retarded citizenry, you are constantly devising new measures which will allow you to unite the timespheres and make the future the past, and kill yourself happy."

Czech it out.