Friday, June 15, 2012

"Diablo III: A Devil of a Game" @ The Border House

The Border House is "a blog that aims to break down cultural and stereotypical walls and cross social borders in virtual worlds, MMO games, video games, and social media through inclusive journalism" (from their mission statement). I've contributed a guest post critiquing the sexism and racism I found in Diablo III.

"The mechanics may be at the core of a gaming experience, but anyone with at least one eye and half a brain will find that Diablo III is a game designed for neckbeards and their ilk–leading to a rather complete set of groans and shudders for those of us still hoping that big gaming companies can produce something that is not racist, sexist, and directed by the male gaze." 

I've been reading Border House for about a year now, and it has really helped develop my perspective on these kinds of media. The Border House effectively gave me the conceptual tools to write this post, and it is very cool to have my thoughts included there.


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