Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another fine vintage

Elizabeth and I bottled our third batch of homemade wine yesterday. It is, in the spirit of summer, a rosé. It tasted a little bitter when I did some, ah, quality control last night, so it probably needs a little more time in the bottle to do its thing; but like a newborn, it is reassuring to have it "home."

We started making wine because of a Groupon that Elizabeth found last summer, and we haven't really looked back. We're not exactly wine-connoisseurs (which is maybe an advantage in the private fermentation business), nor are we winos or heavy drinkers; but it's really nice to have lots of wine sitting around for when people come to visit. At less than $5 a bottle, we can afford to entertain everyone--as long as they don't mind drinking the same wine over and over again.

I sure don't!


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