Monday, May 28, 2012

Windhand: deep-fried doom-pie for the perpetually out-strung

Virginia's Windhand is like Electric Wizard rolled in grits and thrown in a fryer filled with crude oil: nothing but crunchy, spaced-out, deliciously heavy doom, all of it done in Ye Olde-Fashioned Way (that's the black-magic Satan-way, mind you). A lot of modern doom is more "stoner" and less "metal," but Windhand does it right, lighting black candles, summoning the moon, and generally harrying all the Christian farmhouses in the path of their sonic slowdeath like wolves on double tabs of acid.

Probably the greatest test of any doom band's true doom-mettle is how they handle the ultra-slow (the ultimate arbiter of taste in this case being, I dare suggest, Reverend Bizarre's unparalleled "Slave of Satan"). And Windhand, I do not hesitate to say, holds their own when it comes to musicological time dilation: the outro to their tune "Winter Sun," in particular, pounds to obliteration with the best of them. They also do not lack capacity to groove, to rawk, and to generally cause one's head to bang. Check them out if you're a true believer.