Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Tower of the Golden Eye" @ OG's Speculative Fiction (Issue 35)

"Mon dieu," Mahmout gasped. Hervé laughed through his tears. Only one thing could make the Moslem utter such a Catholic profanity. Hervé saw it again: a carnal flash of gold amid a shattered forest on a hill. The sweet golden light filled his mind's eye and replaced vision with dreamscape, and there it was: the Otto Von Bismarck, dreadnought and centrepiece of the steam-driven Prussian army. 

With three hundred wheels, ten tonnes of Bessemer steel plating, one hundred cannon, and more turret-mounted Maxim guns than France possessed in the Imperial armoury, no Napoléon - whether Mark III, or three-thousand - could stand against it.

My short story The Tower of the Golden Eye has just been published in the latest OG's Speculative Fiction (Issue 35). Go buy it now for all the Victorian-era, Franco-Prusso-Egyptian Communard steampunk alternate-history you've ever desired!