Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That's totes offensive

I was just peering in on an interview of an author in which the interviewer asked something like, "What drew you to writing genre fiction?" And I realized: that is the most offensive question ever.

It's not surprising that it's asked, since most everyone in the genre fiction community likes to represent their genre chops over and against those sonsabitches literary writers. But, no, seriously, shouldn't the whole idea of "genre" be offensive to writers? ALERT ALERT: GENRE MEANS "TYPE" IN FRENCH. Words like "fantasy" and "science fiction" are marketing tools; but talking about you or someone else being a genre writer is like saying, "Her/his/my artistic capacities are easily qualifiable into a discrete set of previously incarnate works!" BOLDFACE UGH.

Dear writers: don't pee all over yourself. Strive to write totes awesome fiction. Don't strive to be a category.

And dear interviewers: if I ever get totes famous and you want to interview me, don't call me a genre writer unless you want me to pee all over your face. The pee will the expression of my (in/e)ternal infantilism and the fact that I am really a genre writer even though I do everything I can to avoid being labelled so due to a primal urge to be "different."

Now, for some genre music!