Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hal Duncan on sentence- and paragraph-level writing

Hal Duncan has been posting some fantastic techniques and advice for sentence- and paragraph-level composition and editing. Normally, I am massively unexcited at the prospects of involving more work (namely editing) in my writing process; but Hal makes the possibilities of his analysis exciting, somehow. Is it his suavely crass attitude? His whimsy-free approach to style? His rockin' goatee? No one can say. I do, however, suggest that, if ye be a writer, ye follow these posts:

• "How to Write a Sentence"
• "How to Write a Paragraph"
• "How to Write a Point of View"

I, for one, am totally pumped to edit my latest short story. Totally. Pumped. For all my errors of style.

Thanks to Hal. And happy reading and writing and whatever to the rest of you. AND HERE'S SOME NEW METAL FOR ALL YOU POSERS BECAUSE I HAVEN'T POSTED ANY IN A WHILE.