Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's an intelligentsia thing

Upon preparing a paper copy of my short story That Something Still Remains: A Circular Argument in Seven Theses for submission, I happened to glance at the opening paragraph:

"We came over on the portal that was created by the One, which was us, but in so doing (the crossing; not the portal-making), became Us - which alliterates literally though not sonorously with Unity, which is One, and which besides any poetics is or at least appears to be Unity (though it might be suggested that Us presupposes a Them, which is Difference, which is &c). Our reductive constructivism was no plotted scientific metric, but an unpredictable side-effect of passing through inter-real zones; and although there was an initial explosion of violent self-feeling as arises in revolutions, afterwards, the fact that we should be a community of stuffs and not an individual stuff seemed so natural that we reveled and rejoiced rather than mourned the loss of singularity."

No wonder all the editors are rejecting this one. My awesomeness is making their eyeballs pee blood.