Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Extremely Awesome Band Alert (Alert Alert Alert)

I feel that it's my responsibility to keep the speculative fiction community abreast of the most awesome bands currently available for aural digestion. Tune out that harpist! Smack down that flautist! Be a man or a woman, not a pixie or a troglodyte. Correction: Listen to metal, and be a troll.

I stumbled onto Orchid (San Francisco, USA) via YouTube - the place I discover all new music, these days. They are awesome. Doom metal is the hardest genre in which to locate really awesome and truly new/interesting sounding bands, because on the one hand none of it is ever new (but rather just Black Sabbath worship worked over for half a century), and on the other because the pentatonic (and occasionally chromatic) tones that make up its palette are pretty hard to vary without either losing the feel of the genre, or just repeating the work of a different artist.

That said, I don't think I'm taking any risks declaring that Orchid is the best thing I've heard since Reverend Bizarre. The tune here is particularly grim, though the rest of what I've heard from them is more on the Black Sabbath/Saint Vitus spectrum of sounds. All of it, however, rules your kingdom.


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