Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Book Depository is awesome

Just ordered a copy of Michael Cisco's The Great Lover from The Book Depository. EFF YES MICHAEL CISCO IS AWESOME. I must say, I don't understand why the literary community sucks so hard that I literally just have to stumble - viz., with utter randomness - upon the information that he released this book last year. WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS? Revision: I suck.

So hard.

But yeah my "stumbling upon" is basically thanks to the Weird Fiction Review - as, I suppose, all good things in the final measure finally are - probably on account of the fact that it's like the only interesting speculative fiction website out there. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL sorry Strange Horizons and everybody else.

But can I just point out that The Book Depository not only accepts PayPal (unlike Amazon, Chapters, etc.), meaning that I can use the money I've acquired by selling my own fiction in order to acquire the fictions of others, but also that they have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING?

Totes amazing. Enthusiasm day, hooray!


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