Monday, January 2, 2012

The revolution will come standard with a selection of typesets and customizable line spacing

My parents finally wised up this year and got me a Kobo e-reader - which was convenient, since I didn't have the heart to tell them I was sick of all those darn paper tomes. No, but seriously: it was a fantastic gift. I'm a writer, and a young person, aren't I? Thusly, it's also a slightly worrisome gift, since it suggest my parents are more hip and future-forward than I am. I'm the one who reads science fiction; who thought I would be getting gadget advice from those old fogies?

the device in question is visible centre-bottom,
though this photo is really just an excuse
to show off my wine stash
Anyway, with the holidays basically finished, I've finally had a chance to sit down and set up the Kobo. It is, in sum, pretty awesome. It's nice to read on, for one thing. I can barely stand to read blogs on back-lit screens, let alone a whole novel, so the gray-scale is by my eyes much appreciated. It's also touch-screen, which keeps things feeling natural.

But by the far the greatest part is, obviously, the possibilities it opens up. Not just because Project Gutenberg has 36,000 free eBooks: also because I've got many a chum who be an eWriter - or an Indie Publisher, or a Literary Communist, or whatever those yellabellies call themselves these days. I can finally read the eBooks of such literati as David Barron, Joseph Vasicek, and Jeff Ambrose. As a matter of fact, I have six eBooks of my own that I can finally read as they were meant to be!


Anyway, this is a really cool little tool, and I'm pumped to have it - despite the fact that, being an obstinate young man who acts like an old man when it comes to technology, I would probably not have acquired one for myself until a few days after people starting uploading books directly into their cerebellums.

Onwards, to the future!



  1. Cool. I'll send you a book later. There's nothing more sad than an empty reader.

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention! And yeah, I'm totally behind on technology as well. Still use an old 90s era Nokia--haven't graduated to flip-phone yet, much less a smart-phone.