Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Protomen f'yeah

A short time ago my pal Serpent Skin Facelinked me to a song by The Protomen. Not only are they a wicked band making wicked rock'n'roll without equal in either quality, style or passion; they've also got a great tale behind them. Namely, their songs, which form a rock and roll "fable," are loosely based on the Megaman series - mixed with a dark, cyberpunk bent of their own design. Lead vocalist Panther quoted from the 'pedia:

"We noticed a void in rock and roll. A hole that could only really be filled with grown men and women painting up like robots and playing some fierce and furious rock music based on a 1980s video game. We were fairly certain no one else was going to fill that hole. But, by god, it's filled now. You can thank us later."

If you don't suck, you should consider listening to them. DO IT NOW.


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