Saturday, October 8, 2011

The problem with music videos

The problem with music videos is music videos with narrative. Music videos sans narrative are just dandy; I, personally, love music videos of bands just rockin'. So I don't get why bands - or their managers/producers - think that a story needs to be told for us to fully appreciate the music. It actually takes away from appreciating the music, because you're caught up trying to "figure out" the video when you should be slipping into the music.

Here's an example: "All or Nothing" is a great tune. But the video just ruins it for me. I understand what it's trying to say, but... I don't need the video to do that. In fact, I prefer the music speak to me itself.

Even if you're not into metal, try watching this video, and then just playing it while you browse the Internet or whatever. I suspect they will be for you, as they are for me, massively different experiences.

Edit: Cauldron rules, by the way.

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