Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rejuvenate the despotic font

This is me. You do not appear in the photograph.
Insofar as this blog is the nexus of my power - a nexus of hyperspatial spirals over which even I, its inseminator, have little to no control, so great is the public's frenzy to imbibe it (that it [re]creates itself [eternally/retroactively]) - it seems proper to infuse it with a dose of my verbiage from time to time, even mindful of the fact that, in the words of Ben Godby, "But I have nothing to say." However, I, being of pretentious, anti-populist, anti-realist, anti-you, and anti-me bent, can never simply provide a blog post entitled, "Update" - and therewith give you the various and sundry details of my private life as though you care about them (even I don't care about them). No: that is for the poseurs. For the true beings of literary greatness (mostly myself and a few others who are unwittingly clutching at my tailcoats while basking in successes/acclaims they unknowingly owe to me), one must be suitably more... uh... verbose.

For your information, you worm, these things are happening:

1. I am drinking the wine I made with my girlfriend. It is pinot grigio. Is is a hundred times more delicious than expected. I may have been/be facing a cut off.

2. I am not writing genre fiction. I have thought more than once and less than eleven times, "Do I really want to tell people I write science fiction and fantasy? Do I even read that? Like that? What am I doing? What's wrong with me? What should I do?" I am instead writing some stuff that I guess is bizarre-slipstream-imperialism. (That last one because I don't know what "Bizarro" or "Slipstream" are, but have no compunctions against assimilating them into my ego-lexicon.)

3. I've been writing in a notebook, not on a computer, because computers are way too commercial, you're a sellout, man.

4. Been playing a bunch of Mount & Blade, riding down poseurs.

I have the full intention of returning to exactly those four things the moment you ride out and purchase my new e-book. Do it, or I shall lance thee in the back.


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