Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New book, new art, first sale

Released another e-book: "The Man Who Went to Mars," a tale of cosmic horror. In so doing, I realized various techniques - namely of word art - that would allow me to massively amp up the visual appeal of my covers. To wit:

Really not that much different about the covers - except that I rotated the pistol on the cover of "What the Market Will Bear" - but I think the words pop a lot better and make the whole look more professional. I'm also just plain standardizing my byline; working in the "Isomorph Press" was a pain, and the images I'm constantly massaging from stock.xchng are barred from being used in logos, so I can't really go that route.

(Although, technically, I might already be breaking that stipulation. But, alas... a tale for another day.)

New banners, also. Me like.

I also sold my first e-book - namely the new one. I'm already plotting what to do with seventy-six cents: will I buy a flim-flam or a fling-dong? A fuzzle-puzz or wizzle-wang? Certainly I will purchase something valued at less than a dollar!



  1. Yo, Ben, those are all great covers!

  2. You do me too much honour, Sir Ambrose.

  3. And just think...only one more story and you've got a $2.99 collection on your hands.