Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Kill'em Dead," an ebook fairy tale with cussin' and shootin'

I just finished publishing my third ebook, "Kill'em Dead," a (to borrow a phrase from The David Barron) "Science Fantasy Romance" with fairy tale flavours. Available, as usual, from Isomorph Press - which is to say, yours truly by any other name.

(The pun was not intended but thoroughly enjoyed.)

"Kill'em Dead" is one of the earliest stories I wrote and has actually been my favourite story for a long time. It was roundly rejected by literally every editor I could put my paws on: I persecuted its submission with such alacrity that there are quite literally no markets left for it. Such was my faith in the tale! But, I see now, better things were in store for "Kill'em Dead:" I can make it directly available to the reading public, instead of advancing through the slosh of editorial slush.

A funny aside about this story is that my dad's advice re: its editing was that it needed more (read: any) sex. I think that's been my dad's advice for all my stories. He's entirely right, but, heck, I've got principles to stand for! For which to stand. I mean, they're lying around here somewhere... and in all good faith I should probably at least attempt to counteract the wild profanity, loose morals, drug abuse, violence, and stereotyping so rampant in all my other work with the occasional feel-good, gently-toned tale.

All that aside, this story has always touched my heart, although the fact that I wrote it may make that count for nothing.

Enjoy! Or do not. I haven't sold any ebooks yet. You could be the first! Be the first and I'll post a blog post about you. Be the first and e-mail me to remind me or else I might forget.

Be the first!

Do it live.



  1. Danke seone! I like it a lot, too.

  2. Isomorph Press needs a sexy logo.

    I read the Kindle preview, I'll get around to buying it when I'm on Internet that won't steal my ID. (I doubt I'll be the first...or last.)

  3. You're absolutely right about the logo. I tried to create one back when I did "What the Market Will Bear," but it didn't pan out and then I didn't feel like making a new one. I'll definitely work on something for the next e-book.

    Perhaps it can involve my sexy green insect from the Press's web-banner?