Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good on ya, you terribly biased newspaper you

I'm not sure how, but the Ottawa Citizen - the leading (oh, wait, only) newspaper in Canada's clean, polite capital city - actually managed to publish something that wasn't written by a whiny neoconservative. Paul Robinson, a professor at the University of Ottawa, must have brainwashed the editors with some sort of magic powers to get them to print his article which includes the phrases:

• "militarism has highly undesirable consequences;"
• "war has become almost the option of first resort [in Canada];" and
• "Armed forces have bureaucratic interests in the same way as every other organization, and firm control is needed to hold them in check."

If you've ever read the Citizen, you know that this is literally the exact opposite of their normal editorializing. In fact, the Citizen's standing line is probably something like:

Because of its desirable consequences, war is our option of first resort; and, therefore, we ought to remove controls from the armed forces in order to streamline its capabilities.

No, seriously. I think they've said that somewhere before...

You can read the Citizen's first piece of intelligent journalism of 2011 here, though be forewarned it's not actually anything spectacular. It's just... not stupid.



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