Tuesday, June 14, 2011

With luck the opposite of "Following" is "Trailblazing," though luck be a fickle mistress

So, yeah, I just went through and cleaned up my Google... FriendFinder? Google Connect? Google Reader? The thing that appears on my Blogger dashboard and allows me to follow other people's blogs. The list of blogs I was following had gotten mighty lengthy, and though information on the whole is good, too much unsegmented data is bad. I was in a position where I had to scroll through a bajillion blog entries to find ones by the people I actually know/like, or just things that sounded like worthwhile/interesting reading.

Boy, that sounds harsh. Makes it sound like the Internet is full of suckers. And yes, it is, but really the problem isn't other people so much as myself: willy-nilly following whatever blogs seemed potentially relevant to me as budding writer/genre enthusiast. By doing this, I've kind of put myself in a position where it's hard to genuinely connect to any sort of community, or even keep up with the friends I've made in doing this blogging thing.

Because instead of following good pals/top writers/cool blogs, my reader/connector/impluginator (or whatever you call it) was top-heavy with those silly blogs where people blog about writing and publishing but don't seem to do a lot of it themselves, and in fact don't really seem to even have good advice to offer as outsiders or anything worth reading as writers (there's a surprising amount of these things out there, and they're strangely popular... I was following, like, a half-dozen, along with six thousand other people). I also somehow added a bunch of personal blogs of people I don't remember ever checking out. (Although, granted, a brief glance at my own followers demonstrates that I am not the only one doing this. Hello, silent visitors! I adore you.) These things aren't necessarily good or bad in and of themselves, but, I've got other reading material - namely, the personal updates/professional insights of what passes, in the digitalnonymous world, for a Writers Circle.

The point is that, effectively, I'll still be reading all the blogs I always have; I'll just be less prone to missing posts or important details, like how three of my favourite blogs have moved to new webpages. Also, if I try to stay more focussed in this way - following blogs in which I actually intend to participate (comment...arily?) - I should hopefully develop a better sense of what's going on out in the world (since I'm usually just plugged into a writing document).

Onwards, efficiency. Towards... socialization.

Towards a world where we are all the light in the tower.

... actually, I just needed an excuse to post this wicked GIF.



  1. Yeah, it gets hard to keep up with a all the blogs when there's so many of them. I try to post around from time to time, but recognize that it's for fun--something I shouldn't be spending *too* much time with, when I need to be writing.

  2. That is a pretty sweet picture. I wish I could use animated GIF as cover art.

    That's how you'll know electronic publishing has matured...

  3. My solution: Google Reader. It keeps my blog- following organized. While I always "comment back" on anyone's blog who leaves me a comment, there are certain writers I need to keep up with just so I don't feel out of the loop in my writing lair, and those are the ones I've chosen to add.

  4. You all speak voracious amounts of truth. And that's why you all made the cut! Hooray!