Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am psychically unoriginal and possibly a plagiarist

Stumbled over some fellow's blog/website today promoting his fantasy series, "The Four Part Land." Funny how that happens: just a few months ago I contrived an entire novel/RPG setting called Four(th)land, bordered by the enslaved, enumerated countries sequentially arriving at said integer.

Of course, even though I may not have known about The Four Part Land, sticking a number to a basic word could hardly be said to be revolutionary. Not to mention that I'm a huge fan of Steph Swainston, whose own "Castle" series takes place in "the Fourlands."

Of course, my enumerated fantasy world is radically different from either example - for reasons so original I can't even tell you lest you rob me for all I am worth (although ideas, unfortunately, purchase little in the commodities market). Nonetheless, maybe I should contrive a title a little less, uh... obvious.


  1. I can't rob you until you write it down. Also, my canine epic "Fourthy Come Home" is better. It's about a cute little doggy who wanders the land of Gloom in search of his mommy and his three lost brother-pups, all the while learning a valuable lesson about friendship as he helps an orphan boy whose parents were killed by vicious dire bacteria. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and everybody dies at The End.

  2. You had me at "dire bacteria."