Friday, December 3, 2010

Social media privateering

This post has nothing to do with privateering; I just dig pirates. Also: the Barbary Coast.

I got a Twitter account last week and slowly began to use it. I made the decision mainly because I wanted something to help fill up the sidebars on this blog, and I always found a Twitter box looked so cool on other people's homepages. Also, it would allow me to post quick little bits and pieces of information that I would like to share on my blog, but that don't really deserve a full post since I have little or nothing to add to them.

Bird's got no legs; it only flies higher.
And that was all fine and good. Posting stuff, sending it out into the nether... I'm comfortable with that concept. But it took me several days to come to grips with the idea that I could, on the other hand, directly "tweet" at authors that, y'know, write stuff and are famous for it. This, to me, seems insane, because I can't imagine my tweets as being anything but annoying. I am directly annoying the likes of Cherie Priest and Brandon Sanderson.

It's insane.

But I guess - technically - it's not annoying. It's "social networking."

This, of course, beyond being generally, surprisingly, pretty totally fun, has got me thinking about "social media strategizing." My blog is now linked to my Twitter, and my Twitter to my blog, and so I was considering completing the connection by fusing it all to Facebook.

But, at this point, that would only mean - at best - more potential hits on the blog. And that just seems cruel. I've already got a link on my Facebook profile to the blog, for my friends that care (*sob*); and linking all this various media up, I'd basically just be barraging Facebook friends with writerly whatnots and hoohas via Twitter and Blogger that I'm sure 99 percent of them won't care about.

But, let me tell you: the moment I have something to look at? A published story, or an available e-book? I'll be whanoting and hoohaing the crap out of my Facebook friends. I'll even use Facebook's "Friendfinder" - maliciously. I'm starting to realize how Twitter, Facebook, blogging, podcasting, probably-some-other-stuff-I-haven't-heard-of, and the connections these things make are basically the ultimate business tool.

Of course, I'm a long way from actually making a "business" of this writing. That doesn't make Twitter any less rockin'. And it's really fun to know I can basically telepathize with the giants of F&SF.

Well, that's enough for now. I've got to go tweet it up.


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