Friday, November 5, 2010

Titular uncertainty

So I think, I suppose, I have surmised that I should probably have a title for this blog. Or, perhaps, perchance, in theory, maybe I shouldn't. But I can't decide.

I renamed the blog a little while ago because I was in an ensorcelled mood. Did you ever play Dwarf Fortress? You know when a dwarf is undertaken by a fey mood, or possessed, or whatever, and produces an artifact - like a barrel decorated with bones and horse meat? That's how I felt. I just had to name the blog, and at that moment, the objects lying around my personal underground sanctum resuletd in the name "Deathrays & Alien Babes."

And yet, and yet: am I just a violent, psychosexually contorted person? Nay (I mean, I don't think so, anyway). The only name that really conveys all the things I enjoy and desire is... my name. All the funny, genius, witty, and otherwise enjoyable/desirable titles I can think of convey aspects of myself, but not the sum.

So I'm thinking I need to put together a banner of some sort. But then, you run into another problem: what do you put on the banner? The symbology of self-promotion is probably worth less than the trouble to think about it. But it still has to be done, or at least ought to be done, so that people don't think:

• you're a douche;
• you're a fool;
• you're completely lame.

Anyway, be forewarned, readers: this blog's title might change at any moment! It might even be replaced with an image! It might even be a conjunction of words and images!

This transformation may also involve the invocation of elder gods, pagan rites, and dread dreams... or maybe just spaceships.



  1. Exciting! Although "Titular Uncertainty" is a pretty good title.

    You could just change the title every month based on a poll of reader submissions until such time as it is so filthy that everybody absolutely has to read it.

    2. ???
    3. The World!

  2. I had a lot of fun making my banner, even though I cursed the photo program multiple times. Make sure you're having fun with it, whatever you do.