Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So many markets, not enough stories

The past few days I've become really, really excited about some of the short stories that... I am not working on.

Part of this comes from the fact that I've been diligent in my submissions and re-submissions lately, so I'm discovering all these cool new markets I'd like to submit to. And yet, I don't have enough work to satiate them all. The other motive for my craving is that I've got about six tales on the backburner that need completing/jiggling/rewriting, but that I don't have the time for at the moment, what with the novel project consuming my brains from the inside out.

So the twenty-four hour day is kind of getting me down, I guess. But... I think it's always a good feeling to have, that feeling of: "Oh, man, I wish I had time for that other writing project." It keeps the future looking bright, even though the futures I usually write about are gritty and dark. Bright; unless, of course, it completely overrides or gets in the way of the work-in-progress.

But that's not the case at the moment. Instead, I'm just salivating over potential, while cranking out something else equally enjoyable - though highly time-intensive.

I guess the point is that I can't wait to finish Panopticron, because - man, writing a novel is so long. That's the problem with keeping motivated when working on a novel; and that's why I'm practicing it (or how I rationalize the activity, anyhow). Eventually, I'd like to have written a whole bunch of novels, and I've got to break the ice of those 100,000 related words to do so.

Although, Misty Cleareyes needs a re-write, also. That was supposed to begin on November 6th. Definitely not happening. Not with all those other stories clamouring for attention.

So many projects, so little time!



  1. I, too, find it's hard to balance the desire to get things out with novel writing. With the internet nowadays, there's a huge disconnect between being a writer (which takes time) and the speed at which the business side (by which I mean submissions, learning, etc) happen. I literally feel I can't keep up, or that I'm not keeping up. It's hard to remember that writing takes time.

  2. Jeff,

    I think you've hit the nail on the head: "It's hard to remember that writing takes time." I think I forget that far too often, and try to force things through as quickly as possible.

  3. I totally feel with you. I've got seven stories I'd like to work on: 2 that just need a polish before submitting, 3 that need rewrites and critiques, and 2 that are totally new. And I haven't touched a story since I started my novel in July. I'm hoping to finish this month, with the feverish pitch of NaNoWriMo keeping up my momentum. And then, even though I have another novel I'd like to work on, I think I'll take a break from that and work on the seven stories, and possibly more, before getting back into something long. But the real question is, how much can I get done before the requisite slowdown that will follow the new baby?