Monday, November 8, 2010

Das katalog

The other day I was whining about not having enough stories; but today, I was rooting two-fisted through my folders, and I realized that I have seventeen stories I haven't done anything with.

Alright, there's good reason. Some of 'em are crap. Probably awful; probably smell like babies. Pig-babies. But so are some of the stories that I'm already in the process of submitting.

So why aren't these things out there? I think I have some kind of fear that my older stuff just isn't up to snuff. But I'm reminded again of the fact that it's basically impossible to judge one's own work.

And, besides: even if this whole wad of words is crud, said wad nearly doubles my catalogue. That's twice as much chance to get paid!

And me likes a paycheque.

...and I also don't mind rejection letters that much, given the high likelihood of the antithesis of a paycheque.

But... let's be honest. I won't have time to do this for a little while. I've made an agreement with myself to finish what I start; the reason those seventeen stories are lying fallow in the first place is that I used not to abide by the rule of Finish-That-Which-Thou-Begin. Which means I have to finish Panopticron's first draft before I can do anything with all them shorts.

*Bellow of primordial rage!*



  1. I definitely do not abide by this rule of finish what you have begun. I currently have 82 partially completed stories logged in my writing spreadsheet. It got so bad that I had to banish 38 of them to another sheet just so I would not have to look at them anymore. My rule is "abandon it if it begins to bore you."

  2. Sounds like you're a short story machine, Ben! Good luck giving them all a home.

  3. Thanks for the spurs, Nicholas! I hope they all find homes with pocket change to throw at me, but alas...

    Rahul, you made me laugh good-naturedly. I know the feeling of not wanting such things to spoil thine eyesight. That said, beyond these mostly-done stories, I've got a bunch of partially-done ones, too, which will probably never see the light of day at all... which is why I hate to open up the folder and see them, sitting there, with wet eyes, crying out for daddy from the bottom of the basement steps...

    Anyway, most of the ones I'm dealing with now are actually already done, and in most cases I sent them to one market, got rejected, and foldered it up permanently. Not so any longer!