Monday, October 4, 2010

Writing versus Writer

So, I had tried to remedy my sentiment-je-ne-sais-quoi, the general Frenchman's malaise (sorry Frenchmen; Sartre's fault) that afflicted me the past few weeks, by perceiving and actuating a conflict between "Writing," and "Being a Writer" (obligatory serialized philosophy joke: and Being and Nothingness). For a long while, I have Written to Be a Writer, and I thought that perhaps I had been putting myself under undue stress and would profit from a philosophical rebellion towards "Writing As End-in-Itself."

No! cried out my primordial self. Apparently, I can't really do anything without Stress. By demanding of myself to Man Up and Be a Writer, I can write; otherwise, I just connive strategies to ambush Nazi armour--a skill several decades too late to be of any use.

Besides, I lack bazooka or PTRD.

Anyway, on Saturday I finally re-submitted all eight of my un-re-submitted tales. Look out, world! One of them, actually, had to wait until this morning, because Canada Post are a bunch of lying stinking filthy rotten government employees who can't list the correct opening hours for their Dalhousie Street location.

(Disclaiming aside: I'm allowed to knock them, because I'm also employed on the public dime. Do I have any more professional pride than Canada Post's web administrators, you ask? I will not deign to answer such a leading question!)

I'm also working on a new short story, because the novel known only as "Misty Cleareyes" has gone into the vat to ferment--and will hopefully exit it a strong, hearty ale. This new short story involves bugs, space, flamethrowers, and asteroids, so I'm really not breaking any new ground. But I'm pretty down with it.



  1. You should Write for the express purpose of being nothing but a Writer. Because that's a stepping stone to just being plain awesome.

  2. Good luck with your eight submissions, Ben.
    But don't throw away your Nazi-invasion talents--you never know when they may come in handy once more.

  3. Thanks for the motivation, friends. And yeah, don't worry, I'm still prepped for invasion. I actually really want to write a story involving an anti-tank ambush, except in the far future on some distant planet and tanks that drop to the surface in "pods," but I really can't find a good excuse to create an entire story out of that... although, admittedly, the idea originally was going to account for an entire novel!


  4. Nazi-invasion talents are particularly helpful to anybody who might find himself thrown back in time (or writing a character who has been.) There's no reason not to keep those sharp!

    Good job getting your work back out! I always feel like a load has lifted from me when I do a batch of those (until one or more comes back waaay to quickly, that is.)