Sunday, October 24, 2010

Words of perseverance

For those of you wondering: there was a short period of time when a youthful, angsty I actually listened to the sounds of Hatebreed... ugh. On the bright side, I never got a bunch of tattoos on my calves and stomped around in those silly patrol caps all the punk kids wear.

...sorry, punk kids.

No, my bastardization of Hatebreed's "Sound of Perseverance" album serves only for the purposes of a tasty title that segues into my problem of problems: perseverance. For the last two months, I've suffered terribly under its lack-of-an-iron-fist. During July and August, I pounded out twenty-odd stories and kept them on the market, fresh daily; but September and October have seen me complete a paltry half-novel (40,000 words) and a piece of flash fiction.

Obviously, only one is on the market.

I think the problem comes down to the fact that I've lost my desire to write short fiction. I always had the intention of "one day" "moving on" to novels, but I think my heart has gone where my brain has not yet. The result is, I have started a half dozen novels and finished only those meager 40,000 words that are "Misty Cleareyes" (which is slated for revision in November).

Thus, I know it is time for me to grab hold of myself again and demand I finish some stuff. I am working on a new project, "Panopticron" (the 'r' being not-a-typo), and, unlike "Star-Sever," "Armies of the Universe," and a slew of other "novels" I've kick-started, I'd actually like to finish it.

Therefore, I think I'll take after the one-and-only David Barron and challenge myself to write on this blog every day. Alright, maybe it won't happen, but the challenge ought to remind me how to conduct myself towards my writing. Too often I've worried about the nature of the content; the "perfection" of my craft. Bollocks! You've got to finish it first.

So, my question to you: does anyone know where I can get one of those "work in progress" widgets for Blogger? Any incentive I can slough upon myself ought to do something for this impasse...


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  1. As the old blacksmith said to his young apprentice: "You ain't a smith lessen' you've shoe'd a horse and been given a kick for yer trouble."

    I've only ever had a book effort End abruptly once, by virtue of it was horrible, pernicious, and frankly unacceptable in my sight. Kill it, kill it with fire!

    My current book is proceeding at a slow but steady pace, because I'm putting more weight on short fiction. Since I enjoy it more. I'll be a Ray Bradbury/Harlan Ellison-style writer.

    Regarding Daily Blogging, obviously if it's distracting from Daily Writing drop it. And don't be afraid to schedule posts to keep ahead of the Internet.