Sunday, October 31, 2010

Those perfidious podcasts

Although I've been enjoying Writing Excuses for a while, I've had trouble getting into other podcasts. For one reason or another, various hosts just didn't immediately jive within the confines of my aural taste-sphere. I think this relates to the fact that the hosts of Writing Excuses are true buds, hangin' out, talking about writing; whereas most of the other 'casts I've stumbled on involve one or two people interviewing famous folk. It seemed that these other cohorts couldn't match up against the synergy that Writing Exucses portrays, and for me, it was all or nothing.

But no longer. I've recently been hooked by shows like Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing - who had a great interview with Ann Vandermeer up the other day - and Geek's Guide to the Galaxy - where I recently listened to an interview with Catherynne M. Valente. This kind of podcast is actually a great counterpoint to Writing Excuses in terms of my personal "learning curve," since they don't dwell explicitly on the challenges of being a writer.

Suffice to say I now greatly enjoy these shows, and plug them into my ears when I am doing grunt work at my day job. In fact, it is all too possible that they are taking up too much of my time - since these 'casts seem to have enormous backlogs...

I think the thing I like most about these 'casts (aside from the fact that, linguistically, they remind me of spells/curses/hexes/et cetera) is that they bring me into closer contact with the artists and professionals that I look up to from the page. I don't have any writing friends in "real" life (sorry, blogfriends, but for all I know you might just be creepy androids) and neither am I acquainted with any "famous" ones. So, during the moments I am listening to podcasts, I feel much closer to the community of writers, editors, and publishers of speculative fiction than I do when I'm just bumming around the streets of my hometown.

How about you folks out there in real world? Do you listen to any cool podcasts? Any that I should be listening to?



  1. Yeah, I find that it helps to subscribe to podcasts that have nothing to do with writing persay but discuss fascinating ideas. For example, I subscribe to both the ESOcast and the Hubblecast for awesome updates on astronomy (not to mention all the eye candy). There's also a local Utah radio show called Radiowest that I listen to every now and again. Oh, and don't forget This American Life! Best. Podcast. EVER.

  2. I agree - it's good to listen to/expose yourself to stuff that is beyond the sphere of writing. Actually, I just started listening to "Hardcore History," which is not exactly hardcore, but is definitely about really cool history.