Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shout out to my homebrau

The Dictionary is my homepage, what?

Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd. But a handy one. When I'm reading a book and hit upon some vocab that leaves me confused, I want to be one click away - namely, that "home" button - from an explanation.

Alternatively, when I'm engaged in a debate and confuse someone else because of my vocab and they accuse me of making stuff up... I want to be one click away from vindication/perdition.

Usually, those crazy words you stumble on and have to look up are good fodder for the creative side of the brain. Just the other day I was reading some poetry about "remanence," which I immediately assumed was a made-up word (come on, poets?). Turns out: "rem·a·nence [rem-uh-nuhns] –noun, [Electricity]: the magnetic flux that remains in a magnetic circuit after an applied magnetomotive force has been removed."

Whoa! You know what I see right there? A solution to a problem I've been having with a magic system in my latest story. Granted, "Remanency" - or "Remanemancy" - is a little tricky on the tongue. But it sounds darn tootin'.

Props to my homebrau: the dictionary(.com).



  1. Remamancy keeps the flavor while avoiding being a typo away from Ramenancy, the magic that has an egg in and altogether too much sodium.

  2. Oh, man... to be a Ramenancer...

  3. The main power of the Ramenancer is being able to boil water.

  4. / knowing exactly when the noodles are the ideal tenderness.