Friday, October 1, 2010

Reality stole my idea

Well, this sucks. Apparently, the universe has already created planets that do not rotate and therefore possess "day" and "night" hemispheres. I thought I was a genius when I created such a world to be inhabited by spacecowboys who could perpetually be trapped at High Noon.

Curse you, physics!


P.S. Caveat: obviously, habitable alien planets like the newly-discovered "Gloaming" do not suck. I just wish they wouldn't rip off my ideas, you know?


  1. Wow, you are going to be really unhappy about this link then:

    But I sympathize, man, I can't count the number of totally sweet story ideas I've had that I saw done way better when I opened that year's copy of the Year's Best Science Fiction. Like I used to have all these ideas about taking drugs that would make you forget things, that were anticipated by Gibson's "Johnny Mnemonic", Lethem's _Gun, With Occasional Music_, and Daryl Gregory's "Second Person, Present Tense". (and probably a bunch more stories that I have not yet encountered)

  2. You've been defeated by SCIENCE. Um, but you are allowed to assume your readers won't look it up until after they've finished your story.