Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tracking word counts to defy inadequacy

You know how sometimes you hear all these people being like, "Oh, yeah, I do that!" or, "Oh, man such-and-such is so awesome!" but you don't do it? And the reason you don't do it isn't because it's not a good idea, but because you egotistically decide that "it's just not for me?"

I don't think I had any conscious reasons for not tracking my daily word counts up until this point in my auctorial development; but, looking back, what a fool, what a stinker I was! The weirdest part of it all is how, after hearing something a billion times, hearing it just one more time pushes us over the tipping point. In my case it was Scott William Carter who, somehow--honestly, I'm still not clear on how--convinced me to start tracking my production.

Anyway, it's really satisfying to watch those numbers claw to the surface. It keeps me in line, it keeps me writing... and I designed a really awesome spreadsheet to track my progress!

Do it. Do it now. You know you like spreadsheets.


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