Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Losing steam, re-heating the oven

I've been writing at breakneck pace lately, so I was a little disappointed in myself when I fell short of my word count goals this past weekend. I'd had planned to get specific amounts of writing done in order to finish my novel-in-progress by the end of September, and even a short slip-up felt like a major failure.

But, two good things came of this. First of all, the pause in the writing gave me a moment to dwell on the characters I was creating. And, lo and behold, I thought up some incredibly fantastic resolutions to some problems of motivation and plot-pacing that had been dogging me lately. The new ideas were, I think, a fair trade-off for the lost writing time.

Second, and the more important, is it made me remember what I told myself when I started working on this novel: the whole idea is to keep it fun. If I'd rather play a videogame or read a book than write all Saturday afternoon, well, so be it. When I write, I want to my enthusiasm to be reflected in the quality of the words; and if the inspirado isn't there, I can't force it to the surface.

Besides, I'm finding that my day-job gives me enough motivation to write on weekdays--pounding the keys is a wonderful escape in the evening. But on the weekend, well... I've already escaped!


P.S. This might be a little strange, but... if you're looking for public domain nursery rhymes, Grandparents Magazine can hook you up. I stumbled over this when, in search of a potentially creepy-sounding nursery rhyme, I realized I couldn't just rip off the old Robert Munsch story I wanted to ("Love You Forever"--which, incidentally, I just discovered is actually inspired by a tragic tale), and I had to settle for "The More We Get Together"...

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