Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm so tired, meng

Did you ever see the movie "Half-Baked"? If you didn't, you probably didn't get the title of this post. You might even think I'm a huge jerk just for typing that.

But I am tired--of writing. Writing a novel is really, really tiring. I've got to deal with these same characters and these same situations over and over again. JEEZ. The annoying thing is I keep coming up with cool ideas for short stories. Today, I was at the veterinarian's office, and I read an article about dog fighting. And then I thought, what about a short story, about dog fighting, except replace dogs with aliens.

Yeah, that's right. Scuttle off and steal my idea, you punks. Because it is so awesome. I won't get around to it until next decade, anyway.

Look, you know I'm just kidding. The point is really that working on a novel is incredibly challenging. I've written novels before, but never demanded of myself that I actually make sure it:

• Flows logically;
• Has contiguous characters; and
• Sucks not.

Therefore, "Misty Cleareyes"--the title of my novel-in-progress--is hard work, because I am actually asking myself to prepare something that might potentially be read by humans. I'd like to turn around and work on my shorts, instead; but in the long run, I know that actually finishing a solid, novel-length piece will be worth the effort. The experience, if nothing else, will move me toward Level 3.


P.S. Depending on who you are, you might disagree I am currently a Level 2 Writer; but I suspect I am that, because I've killed, like, three ogres. Besides, I don't subscribe to the notion of "0th level" characters created by Wizards of the Coast. Come back, TSR! We all miss you.


  1. I dunno, I think to be level 2, the writer must fight his way through the Book Dungeon. Populated entirely by kobolds and traps and a young white dragon at about the 75% completion mark.

    Level 3 would be when the writer has got some gold.

  2. Ah, gold... when I kill that dragon, I'd like to roll on the charts for jewels and precious artworks, also.


  3. I tend to get lots of ideas while I'm writing something else. It's annoying because I'm often most enthused about an idea when it's fresh, but I don't want to stop the momentum of the current work. I'll probably be lucky to get through a tenth of the ideas I have in my lifetime. The rest will sit in my idea file until I have no idea what I meant by them anymore.

  4. Haha, Eileen, I'm the same way. My idea files are already getting mouldy...