Saturday, September 11, 2010

Directed energy weapons

Those who know me know I'm not usually one for hard science; I can still remember all the experiments I irredeemably screwed up in highschool physics class. But, a dork at heart, I was still fascinated by this article on directed energy weapons and their applications.

The article is a little out of date, but it is nonetheless an excellent primer on the subject of weaponized lasers and microwaves--a must for any writers of science fiction or space fantasy out there. My personal favourite "realistical" deathray is the electrolaser!

Andrew Gudgel, one of the authors, has a great new story called "Tags" up at Flash Fiction Online. Check it out! And then gives thanks to the Internet for the blessing of linking.



  1. Pain Rays are more dramatic. We already have plenty of ways to kill people, we need innovation on the cause a lot of pain front. Bonus points for annoying sound effects.

    Anyways, buck up and live for the moment.

  2. Well, they've got those microwave blasters mounted on humvees now. It makes you feel like you're burning, except... you're not.

    If they attached a boombox to the humvee and played that "do you believe in life after love" song by Cher, over and over again, I think that would pretty much take the cake. The soundtrack would actually intensify the pain.