Friday, September 10, 2010

Call for submissions

Got you!

...see what I did there?

Now, to the point: I don't have enough worthwhile content to fill all the hours of my aimless Internet meanderings! If it ain't in the blogroll or the links in the sidebar, I probably don't know about it; and if it has anything to do with writing or speculative fiction, I'd like to know about it!

I'm particularly interested in any websites that deal with the craft of writing, the business of publishing, book review hot-spots, and anything that you find artistically inspiring.

And, the answer is Yes: I am asking you to be complicit as I attempt to commandeer your inspirado.

Submit your suggestions in the comment form below. Standard manuscript format only, please. Submissions not accompanied by an SASE will be held for six months, then destroyed.



  1. Well, this is really only for non-fiction book reviews and as an interesting article repository, but here goes:
    It's Arts and Letters Daily! Take a look-see.

    The only other place I would suggest is the SFWA main site, where you can spend a relaxing hour following links off. You can also find the "Craft of Writing" and "Business of Writing" blogs there.

  2. Awesome. I will definitely check out Arts and Letters daily. I've cruised the SFWA site before in the past, but I'd entirely forgotten about it--perhaps because of my deep-rooted malice at all versions, forms, and types of success to which I do not apply...