Monday, August 2, 2010

An ancient evil rears it's head

I've had some trouble getting my writing done this weekend; on the bright side, the culprit is easily traced. On Friday, I downloaded the latest version of Dwarf Fortress, the greatest independently developed, open source game this side of virtual reality.

Obviously, life is better in ASCII.

The problem, of course, isn't that Dwarf Fortress isn't an amazing game; it's that an amazing game easily distracts me, not only from my writing goals, but also from life in general. I've gone cold turkey on videogames for the past two months, but as always happens when I quit the games--even after I downgraded from a desktop to a netbook computer--they just come back with a vengeance.

The consequence of letting Dwarf Fortress back into my life means that I didn't accomplish as much writing this weekend (a long one, in Canada) as I'd been planning to. So, I've decided to set some ground rules for videogames, based around my writing goals. Instead of playing whenever I want, I'll only play immediately after finishing a story. Since I've been cranking out two or three short stories a week lately--hardly stellar product, but excellent practice--this actually leaves plenty of time for gaming. And, of course, it means that I can maintain my furious pace of writing, submitting, and swallowing rejection.

And for all of you who love a good strategy game--and don't mind primordial graphics--oh, and don't want to accomplish anything else for a few days other than building ruby-studded golden thrones and steel-saw-toothed death traps--give Dwarf Fortress a try! It's free, and it's awesome.


P.S. Image (presumably) copyright of Bay 12 Games.

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  1. I've almost gone cold turkey for video games the past two months too, oddly enough. Yesterday I started getting back into my roommate's copy of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance again, though. Really good strategy game, and a really good story behind it too. I kind of want to finish it before I move out at the end of this week... >_>
    But writing first, writing first. I need to get a couple things sent out this week.