Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New blog layout

Either you do not need to be told that the layout of my blog is new because you saw the old layout and, now, you are seeing the new one; or, you do not care that it is a new layout because you lack the frame of reference--i.e., a historical familiarity with my blog--that will make such a change relevant to you.

Regardless, I tell you anyway: you, the great void of Internet, darker and more shrouded even than the greatest reaches of outerspace; more tangled and confused than the depths of the innerspace! Here, now, find this new blog layout, inspired by my girlfriend's frequent complaints that the last layout wast too difficult to read. No, no, not complaints: presciently perspicacious suggestions.

I used to blog on WordPress, but I deleted that blog for various reasons; and the strictures of the system dictate that never again can I--nor anyone--blog at bengody.wordpress.com. Ah, the foolduggeries of youth; surely they are not yet at an end! Anyway, I sure am glad that I switched to Blogger--even if it was a forced resettlement. Basically, on Blogger I can do, well, whatever I like. I can have a yellow background and a lime green font and hot pink links if I so desire. But on WordPress, my page was constantly grounded in the stylesheets. If I wanted to escape them, I'd need to pay, and... well, honestly. One does not simply pay on the Internet.

I also recall this one time that I had my friend, who studied photography--and, therefore, Photoshop, and how to effectively steal it without Adobe alerting your Internet provider (I assume he must have studied this, as it would be impossible to both be a student and to own Photoshop simultaneously)--make me a banner. It was a really, really awesome banner. Except that WordPress, with it's cursed stylesheets and locked pixels, wouldn't let me use it effectively.

It is also possible... that I was too incompetent to use it effectively.

WordPress does have one advantage, though. With WordPress, I could see exactly how few people were reading my blog. Man, I really miss that. I really, really... miss that.



  1. I attempted making a blog on Wordpress, but I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to customize *anything.*
    If anything was customizable in the first place. It gave me a headache. Blogger is drastically easier to use (for me at least).

  2. If you want to know exactly how few people are reading your blog in soul-destroying, glorious detail and for free, just dump the code for Google Analytics into your blog.


  3. I was going to suggest www.statcounter.com, which is what I use. They collect all kinds of data, so you can see where people came from, how they leave, and even look at a map of the world showing you where your readers are. You can put a counter on your blog, or just keep it hidden. They're free unless you get big.