Monday, July 12, 2010

The beginning of the end

I spent the past two days writing a story backwards. Read forwards, it is pretty excellent.

Normally I write stories in the old front-to-back fashion. But I've noticed that, though my beginnings are loaded with drama and intensity, my endings peter out to sticky, unfortunate consequences. I figured that if I could use all the enthusiasm I have when I begin to weave a new tale and place it at the end of the thing, perhaps I could maintain that narrative force all the way back to the beginning and so preserve the integrity of the whole affair.

So, indeed, did it pass. I'm thoroughly satisfied with the product of my reverse-labors. It took me a mere two days to crank out what is now one of my most favoritest stories. The concepts had been stewing in my head-pot for a time, sure; but it was the new technique--the reverse-compososis, as it were--that dealt my weak endings the killing blow.

Now, to stick it in the electronic mail and use it to stuff an unsuspecting editor's mailbox...


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