Thursday, June 24, 2010

Curse the Garamond

I love the font Garamond. It is--for want of any more suitable adjective--so undeniably sexy. It makes me appreciate my writing for the way it looks, above and beyond its contents.

That, however, may be a problem. I recently got an update on a text from one of my readers, who remarked a strangely high volume of errors in the realm of: "He rain down the street." The "he" in question is, unfortunately, not the God of Storms--nor even a water elemental. He is simply a dude, chasing a fugitive--running down the street.

I always format my manuscripts to Courier font before I put them on the market, but recently I've been writing and editing in proportional fonts. Obviously, this is a huge mistake. The extra letter in "rain" is nearly impossible to detect in Garamond's skeleton-thin typeface. In the monospaced world of Courier, the "i" would have leapt off the page.

So, sad though I am to see it go, my love affair with Garamond may very well be over--superceded by my love affair with intelligible writing. It sure is a good thing I've got people willing to read my drivel--and catch my mistakes before the editors do.


1 comment:

  1. Why not just write in Garamond and edit in Courier?

    Besides, I've always found that changing the way my words look allows me to catch far more mistakes than simple typos.